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The Forum (Fall 2016)

The Forum at Dana Hall School is a symposium series designed to examine a topic of particular relevance to girls and girls’ education.
Technology plays a role in all aspects of girls’ lives, so parents and educators need practical strategies and research-based knowledge to help girls navigate the digital landscape in a way that is constructive, healthy and safe. The fall 2016 symposium on Thursday, November 17 focused on specific issues and best practices for today’s girls, who are digital natives, and the adults in their lives, who are not.

As a leader in girls’ education, Dana Hall School is well suited to lead an informative and thoughtful discussion on adolescent girls and these timely issues.


Linda Charmaraman 

Research Scientist at the Wellesley Centers for Women

Linda Charmaraman, PhD is a research scientist at the Wellesley Centers for Women and a former National Institute of Health Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) postdoctoral scholar. Her research centers on positive youth development, particularly around social media use. Recent interests include how social networking communities influence adolescent risk or resiliency, particularly in communities that face stigma, such as those defined by race/ethnicity or sexual orientation. Dr. Charmaraman recently published a book chapter on how women of color cultivate virtual social capital. She currently is an active member in working groups focused on digital media and youth well-being with members from such institutions as Harvard Graduate School of Education, Seattle Children’s Hospital and Boston Children’s Hospital, Center on Media and Child Health. She has published on youth media use, teen sexuality, peer sexual harassment, racial/ethnic identity, youth development, drop-out prevention and family communication about sex in a variety of academic and medical journals.

Mark Kline 

Clinical Director at The Human Relations Service

Mark Kline, PsyD is Clinical Director at The Human Relations Service (HRS), a private, non-profit community mental health agency serving the towns of Wellesley, Weston and Wayland. He has served HRS and its communities for 28 years, and works closely with local schools at all levels as a consultant, in addition to his supervisory, administrative and clinical work. Dr. Kline has written about video gaming and mental health for the online video gaming magazine The Escapist, and co-founded, a self-help mental health resource for the video gaming community. He speaks locally at schools to parents and staff about technology, parenting and child development, among other topics. Dr. Kline is the parent of three college students, including two daughters, with whom he frequently communicates via social media!

Jill Walsh

Social Media and Education Consultant and Lecturer in Sociology at Boston University

Jill Walsh, PhD is a Social Media and Education Consultant and Lecturer in Sociology at Boston University. Her recent work examines the way that social media, and the need to document the self online, has altered adolescent developmental pathways. Her dissertation is a multi-method study arguing that Facebook has become a public space where adolescents engage in self-reflection and dialogue. This work has been developed into a book entitled Adolescents and their Facebook Narratives: A Digital Coming of Age and will be published in 2017. She currently teaches undergraduate and graduate levels courses on the intersection between society and technology, with an emphasis on the millennial generation. Dr. Walsh has presented her research at national conferences and has been awarded a variety of grants to support her work. Her interests include adolescent development, social media, health and gender. She is currently completing two books in the area of young people’s mediated social


Liz Paushter

Department Head for Academic Technology and Upper School English teacher at Dana Hall School

Liz Paushter is the Department Head for Academic Technology and an Upper School English teacher at Dana Hall School. Her passion for teaching and learning has inspired her focus on the creative power of technology in education. Prior to Dana Hall, Paushter taught in the public school system in New York City, at Berkeley Preparatory School in Tampa, and at the University of Vermont as a teaching fellow. Her diverse teaching experiences have informed her research and practices as a leader in Dana Hall’s 1:1 iPad program. She has presented about technology’s power in the classroom at numerous conferences, including National Council of Teachers of English and National Association of Independent Schools, and she has worked as a technology integration consultant with Edtechteacher and other independent schools, as well as contributed to multiple publications as a freelance writer.

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