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“I firmly believe in giving back to Dana because it was the most influential of all my educational institutions. The School played such a positive role in shaping me in my formative years. I always give to the Annual Fund, so making a planned gift to Dana Hall just seemed like the natural next step that should follow as I thought about supporting the School in a more meaningful way. Naming Dana as the beneficiary of my IRA made so much sense. Had I made a family member a beneficiary, the account would be subject to both income and estate taxes. By making Dana Hall the beneficiary of my IRA, the total is not included in my taxable estate and not subject to income taxes. Dana Hall will receive the total amount tax-free. And best of all, I am giving back to an institution that played such a key role in forming the person I have become.”
- Sarah Goulard ’63

Kate Boyd Dernocoeur '73

“I was at Dana Hall at a time when there was much upheaval, both in the world and in my own adolescent life. But I had great teachers at Dana. They were very patient with me. They helped me realize I could take control of my life and reach beyond my own little bubble.”
"Although we had never considered it before, writing Dana Hall into our wills appealed to both of us. Our decision had much to do with our daughter Kathryn’s very positive, even transformative experience at Dana Hall. With the care, concern and encouragement of her teachers, advisors, coaches and classmates, Kathryn blossomed into a confident and accomplished young woman in her six years at the School. That foundation helped lead to her success as a college student and athlete and later as an advertising executive. Our bequest reflects in large measure our thanks to Dana Hall for a job well done. We were motivated by more than gratitude, though. The decision we made in 2001 stemmed from our belief in and support of the Dana Hall mission and the enduring traditions and values that define this wonderful school. It is our hope that future generations of young women will find at Dana Hall all the resources they need to be prepared and inspired to have a positive and meaningful influence on the world they will inherit.”
- Kathy and Bob Whelan P01

Enid White Holmes '39

“Dana was my first love and, reflecting these many years later, I realize that the education I received there opened many doors for me.”
“As a student in the 1960s I was exposed to a world of possibilities for women when I stepped on the Dana Hall campus. Society was beginning to change, and many of us were trailblazers in a man’s world. At Dana we were all leaders. We were given the opportunity to study and be challenged by excellent faculty members who cared about the mark we would make in the world. I decided that it made sense to do something for a place that shaped me as a person. In 1995 I joined the Helen Temple Cooke Society. In doing so, I hope to have some influence on the future by providing for Dana Hall women, whom I expect to be leaders. I hope that my gift to Dana Hall will influence future generations of women to participate in the greater good of the world and help make it a better place for all people.” -- Anne Barnard ’62

Carol Tsu Ho '48

“I am so grateful for the education I received from Dana Hall. My Dana education gave me the foundation for my studies at Scripps College, and later the University of Pittsburgh. Because of the wonderful opportunities I received, my husband Monto and I wanted to help make a Dana Hall education possible for future generations.”
"It was rewarding to be able to give back to the school and people who worked on my behalf when I was a student and to support the faculty and students of the future. I happily discovered that the process doesn't even require filling out complicated legal forms. When I notified Dana that I had made a provision for the School, they welcomed me as the youngest member of the Helen Temple Cooke Society. Anyone can make a provision for Dana Hall by designating the School as a primary or secondary beneficiary. For me, it was a welcomed opportunity to show Dana how much I value my education and all the school has offered me as both a student and employee.”
– Meredith Caruso ’02

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  • Vietta

    "Dana offers many great opportunities including a trip to South Africa every other year. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be visiting South Africa, let alone with some of my closest friends. The trip enabled us to interact with real South Africans as they experienced their real lives, an opportunity I could never have had as a tourist."
    -Vietta '19