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The Dana Fund

Gifts to the Dana Fund support the people and programs that form Dana Hall’s unique community, one that encourages each Dana student to realize her potential and take on new challenges. Your generosity gives current and future Dana girls the opportunity to learn, lead and succeed.
A successful annual fund is a reflection of a strong community and ensures continued growth and stability for current and future generations of students. Dana Fund dollars are unrestricted which provides flexibility and support for the School's current operating budget. Dana Hall relies on Dana Fund gifts from members of its community to bridge the gap between the income received from tuition and the actual cost of a Dana Hall education. Dana Fund gifts allows the School to offer competitive tuition, attract and retain talented faculty, provide exceptional academic, arts and athletic programs, and offer meaningful scholarship opportunities.
Participation in the Fund, at any level, is an indicator of the strength and financial health of Dana Hall. Your gifts send message of commitment and stability to prospective families and other donors. Join alumnae, parents, grandparents, faculty and staff, and friends in sending the message that the Dana Hall community is invested in the School and its students. 
Dana Fund Progress
$100,000+ to the Dana Fund
$50,000- $99,999 to the Dana Fund
$25,000 - $49,999 to the Dana Fund
$15,000-$24,999 to the Dana Fund
$10,000 - $14,999 to the Dana Fund
$5,000 - $9,999 to the Dana Fund

Dana Fund

  1. 100
  2. 90
  3. 80
  4. 70
  5. 60
  6. 50
  7. 40
  8. 30
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  11. 0
Goal $2,000,000.00
Current $1,362,089.00
Remaining $637,911.00
Current Participation 37%
As of Date 2/1/2018
$2,500-$4,999 to the Dana Fund
$1,000-$2,499 to the Dana Fund
Designate Your Gift

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  • Student Financial Support

    Access and affordability are two of Dana’s core commitments. A gift to the Dana Fund makes it possible for girls from all background to dream audacious dreams and pursue them with confidence.

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  • Inspiring Environment

    Our surroundings inspire and life us all to new heights. Well-maintained buildings and beautiful grounds create positive spaces for critical thinking, personal reflection, and creativity.

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  • Top Priorities

    Gift provides the flexibility for Dana Hall to allocate funds for its immediate needs and priorities.

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  • New Initiatives

    We never want money to come between a great idea and a transformative reality. The Dana Fund is the working capital that empowers us to ask deep questions, think big, and deliver on innovative ideas.

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  • Teaching Excellence

    Investing in Dana Hall's instructors ensures the continued legacy of a distinctive teaching force. The Dana Fund means competitive compensation for faculty as well as opportunities for their continued professional development.

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  • Dance

    Favorite Activity
  • Poetry project

    Favorite Assignment
  • Spanish III Honors

    Favorite Class

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  • Francesca

    "In my Literature Composition I class we did a poetry unit before winter break. Our poetry project was in collaboration with a school in Turkey. We created our own websites to display our works of poetry. The last day of school before winter break we were able to Skype with the kids from the school in Turkey, and it was so much fun to interact with students who were so far away. We were able to learn what their school was like, and how their classes worked."
    -Francesca '19