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Karen Wennbergh Stives '68

Karen Wennbergh Stives '68 is an equestrian Olympic medalist. Stives was the first woman to win an individual Olympic three-day event medal. Dana Hall's equestrian center now bears her name: The Karen Stives '68 Equestrian Center.
Karen Wennbergh Stives '68 won both the gold and silver medal at the 1984 Olympics. Stives was the first woman to win an individual Olympic Three-day event medal (silver). Along with the members of the 1984 United States equestrian team, Stives also took home the gold Three-day event medal. The Three-day event is where a rider and a horse complete a dressage test, cross country course and show jumping course.

Stives was the USCTA Rider of Year in 1981, 1987, and 1988. After retiring, Stives served as a FEI judge and chair of the USET Three-Day Event Selectors' Committee.
In 2014, Stives bestowed Dana Hall with a $3.5 million dollar gift to Dana’s first-class equestrian program, which was given her name: The Karen Stives '68 Equestrian Center.

Stives passed away in August of 2015.

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    "I love playing basketball at Dana. Our team is really like a family, and we’ve grown so much over the three years I’ve been on the team. My freshman year I never would have thought that we would be able to win the EIL league, but this past winter we did! What makes the team so great is how we look out for each other on and off the court. My teammates are my biggest supporters and it’s always great when we get to welcome new members onto the team. I can’t wait to be captain next year."
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