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Putting Down the Phone

From Feb. 3–24, the Dana Hall community was encouraged to put down their phones while in the car and take part in the JoyRyde competition, sponsored by the Peer Educators.
JoyRyde is an app that tracks the numbers of miles you travel without using your phone. It works for both drivers and passengers, creating a competition in which the whole school could participate. After Peer Ed met the founder, Terry Goguen, the group devised a way to incentivize the community to participate in being more attentive drivers and passengers. They shared their idea at an All-School Meeting, and had 63 students and faculty members participate in the challenge.
“[We hope] that through the use of this app, we can try to prevent accidents caused through distracted driving,” said A. Sax ’18, one of the JoyRyde competition ambassadors and a Peer Educator. “Although this is a high hope, bringing recognition to the topic is a great first step.”
Congratulations to the winners:
Middle School: A. Gardner ’23 (955.4 miles) and M. McLaughlin ’23 (570.5 miles)
10th grade: I. Koppel ’19 (182.5 miles)
11th grade: A. Sax ’18 (662.9 miles)
12th grade: E. Gardner ’17 (688 miles)
Faculty: Mr. Sweetser (843.3 miles)

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  • Maya

    "My favorite Dana Hall memory would be the first time I ever sang the Alma Mater with my fellow classmates. That was most definitely the first time I felt like I was truly a part of something. Joining hands with my future Silver Sisters made me truly feel like I was a Dana girl."
    -Maya '20