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The Power of Pink

Chayapa (Pink) Chutrakul ’11 was featured in the June 2017 Harper’s BAZAAR Thailand on the cover of The Style, a fashion and lifestyle section within the magazine. Social studies faculty member Heather Panahi recently caught up with the Dana alumna over email.
How did you get featured?
Harper’s BAZAAR Thailand initially discovered me on another magazine’s front cover around three years ago. For that magazine, I was simply just the model for photo shoot and there wasn’t an interview. However, that magazine happened to sell out and ever since then, I’m often invited to fashion events—not as a model but as a guest, because it wasn’t my intention to be a model in the first place. Additionally, I was completing my bachelor’s degree at Scripps College and was planning to work in New York City after. But after working in New York for a year and a half, I came back to Bangkok and became a strategic planner at McCann Worldgroup.
“At the end of last year, I conducted a global research project titled Truth About Youth, along with McCann employees from all over the world, to gather deep insight about millennials’ culture. After I presented our findings to the local press, the research received a lot of positive feedback, and the work was featured in many marketing and business websites. That was when Harper’s BAZAAR reached out to me.”
What is the focus of the story?
“Their style section is about the icons of fashion and lifestyle. When I met up with the editor-in-chief to discuss the project, she told me she wanted to do a photo shoot and in-depth interview. She said Harper’s BAZAAR is seeking a person with expressive fashion sense and unique lifestyle that pushes the boundaries or norms. The first part of the interview was mostly about where I get my fashion inspiration from, and I told them about how I’ve lived in many places (i.e. England, Wellesley, Los Angeles, New York City), which have not only broadened my perspective about different cultures and arts, but also influenced my perception of fashion to be a ‘personal statement’ rather than simply apparel.
“The second part of interview focused on my career as a strategic planner and why I didn’t choose to work for my family’s businesses. I told them it’s true my mother and father are both CEOs of their companies that are recognized not just domestically but also internationally. I embraced the fact that I am their daughter, and my surname will always give people an assumption about what kind of person I am and what I will end up doing for the rest of my life. However, my surname is only just a title or a background; it doesn’t dictate or define my passion and my goal in life. I enjoy taking the Bangkok Skytrain and getting soaked by the storm while crossing the street during monsoon season, or watching the campaign I developed strategy for go viral and my client’s product sales surge. At the end of the day, I live a regular working lifestyle like the rest of the world and if there’s anything that is different about me, it’s that the privilege of being ‘the heir’ isn’t about being a part of a successful company that my parents have built, but it’s about doing everything from the ground up to earn my own success and respect of others—even if that means taking the harder roads.”
Chutrakul’s interview in Harper’s BAZAAR is only available in hard copy in the Thai language.
    • Photo courtesy of Harper's BAZAAR Thailand

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