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Fall Varsity Sports Awards and Wrap Up

Dana Hall’s fall athletic teams wrapped up their seasons last month.
Varsity Volleyball ended the regular season with a 16-3-1 record, going 10-2 in the EIL. They were 1st place in the EIL, earning the championship trophy, and seeded 4th in the NEPSAC Class B tournament. The team made it to the quarterfinals.
  • EIL All-League: A. Orent ’20, C. Clayson ’18, C. Seidner ’19 and B. Knight ’19
  • EIL Honorable Mention: N. Joukowsky ’18 and S. Daley ’18
  • Coach’s Award: Clayson and Orent
  • Rookie of the Year: E. Earnest ’21
  • Most Valuable Player: Seidner
Varsity Soccer went 5-10-1 this fall. They were 4-5-1 in EIL play, taking 6th place.
  • EIL All-League: K. Bossert ’21 and C. Breslin ’20
  • EIL Honorable Mention: K. Soucy ’19
  • Most Valuable Player: Bossert
  • Team Player: Breslin
  • Most Improved Player: P. Jacobson ’20 
Varsity Cross Country had a 5-6 record, which earned them 5th place in the EIL and 7th place in the NEPSAC.
  • EIL Honorable Mention: E. Hawkins ’20
  • Most Valuable Runner: Hawkins
  • Unsung Hero/Team Choice: A. Frambes ’19
  • Most Improved Runner: A. Wright ’21
Varsity Field Hockey was 7th in the EIL, with an overall record of 4-10-1 and an EIL record of 4-5-1.
  • EIL All-League: A. Regan ’21 and A. Kurtin ’21
  • EIL Honorable Mention: D. Moutoudis ’21
  • All-NEPSAC Honorable Mention Team: Regan
  • Most Improved Player: M. Egan ’20
  • Coach’s Award: C. Hill ’18 and C. Copeland ’18
  • Dragon Award: C. Strachan ’18 and S. Soloway ’18
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    "I love playing basketball at Dana. Our team is really like a family, and we’ve grown so much over the three years I’ve been on the team. My freshman year I never would have thought that we would be able to win the EIL league, but this past winter we did! What makes the team so great is how we look out for each other on and off the court. My teammates are my biggest supporters and it’s always great when we get to welcome new members onto the team. I can’t wait to be captain next year."
    -Stephanie '18