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Minstrels, cooks and sword dancers came together on December 19 as the Class of 2019 presented their version of Revels, one of Dana Hall’s most beloved traditions. Science teacher Gary Fadden, dressed as a sorcerer, was chosen as the surprise faculty narrator. The Mummer’s Play, the play-within-a-play, was a creative take on Hannah Montana.

The tradition dates back to 1921 when English teacher Constance Grosvenor Alexander wrote the play, Saint Francis Keeps Christmas at Greccio 1223, and a cast of faculty, friends and students from Pine Manor, Tenacre and Dana Hall put on the first rendition. Today, Revels is performed by the junior class, and celebrates the Winter Solstice and merriment of medieval life.

While the cast may change from year to year, those who attend annually wait for the much-anticipated words from the Lady of Misrule that mark the start of Winter Break:
“Our play is done, we must be gone,
We stay no longer here.
We wish you all, both great and small,
A happy, bright New Year!”

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    "I love playing basketball at Dana. Our team is really like a family, and we’ve grown so much over the three years I’ve been on the team. My freshman year I never would have thought that we would be able to win the EIL league, but this past winter we did! What makes the team so great is how we look out for each other on and off the court. My teammates are my biggest supporters and it’s always great when we get to welcome new members onto the team. I can’t wait to be captain next year."
    -Stephanie '18