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At Dana Hall, a dorm is not just a place to sleep -- it's a home away from home, a personal space in a larger community, and the springboard for life skills and confidence that Dana students gain as they develop independence.
First-year boarding students are assigned roommates based on common interests and living habits. In any given double, there might be girls from Tokyo, New York, Cairo, Miami or Darien, Connecticut living together. Most young people have to wait until college to see the world, but not Dana girls. Guided and supported by dormitory faculty, students learn to value respect for others, integrity, multicultural sensitivity and personal responsibility.

Campus is not only home to boarding students, but also to approximately 50 faculty members and their families. They attend student performances, cheer at athletic events and proctor evening study halls. To strengthen the community, all on-campus faculty members have a dorm affiliation, which brings together students and teachers for cookouts, outings and late night snacks. One night a week, all members of the on-campus community eat together in the Dining Center for a Community Dinner.

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There are six dorms on the Dana Hall campus, with approximately 14-32 students in each dorm for a total of 145 beds:
A cluster of four dorms (Johnston A, B, C and D) are located in the center of campus overlooking the pond. The 9th graders live in two of the Johnstons along with a group of older girls who have chosen to live with new students as their "big sisters."
A small house dorm features a large, comfortable living area and spacious kitchen. Grey Lodge is home to junior and senior students.
The larger house dorm that also includes a spacious shared living area and communal kitchen. Wheeler, like Grey Lodge, houses juniors and seniors.
Each dorm has a house director, house assistant, and student proctor. 
15 states are represented by Dana Hall students: Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Caroline, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas
14 countries are represented by Dana Hall students: Canada, China, Egypt, Haiti, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, Vietnam

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