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Blue & White Night Update

September, 2020

Blue and White Night is Dana Hall's biennial fundraising gala and auction. The live Spring event was postponed and will now be a virtual event scheduled for Thursday, October 29, and will be the kick-off to Family Weekend.

The auction is scheduled to open on Sunday, October 25, and close with our virtual event on Thursday, October 29. Beginning on Wednesday, September 30, you will be able to browse a selection of items that are released with our "What We Love Wednesday" communications or WWLW for short. We will be releasing a new part of our auction collection every week through our WWLW, so be sure to check the GiveSmart Auction webpage to see what's new!

We hope you enjoy these items and we look forward to celebrating with you in just a few weeks!

Questions should be directed to the Blue and White Night tri-chairs: Susan Fazio P14, 21, 23, Nur Hamzaogullari P24, Marlous Lagarde P21, 23, 25

Sponsorships and Underwriting

Support Blue & White Night by sponsoring or underwriting a portion of the event. All sponsorships include two tickets to the event, recognition in the program book, prominent recognition at the event and, if applicable, the logo of your business or corporation with a link to its homepage on the Blue & White Night website.

This year, our fundraising efforts will support our Health and Wellness Program, which offers a variety of workshops, activities, speakers, professional training and parent education that gives students the tools they need for a healthy and meaningful life, both now and when they leave Dana Hall.
Sponsorship Levels


Blue & White Night 2020 Volunteers


Susan Fazio P14, 21, 23
Nur Hamzaogullari P24
Marlous Lagarde P21, 23, 25

Committee Volunteers

Sophie Altenhoff P25
Lisa Altman '78, P11, 16
Jane Amara P20
Jenn Bardorf P25
Catalina Bililies P23
Rachel Black P25
Julia Bulanova P26
Christine Burns P20, 23
Georgia Cady P14, 16
Kerri Calistri P21, 25
Becky Cole P22, 24
Julie Cook P22
Kathy Koumentzalis Copeland '86, P18, 20, 23
Carolyn Corbe P24
Hallie Delorey P24
Janvrin Demler P25
Michelle DoRosario P20
Monica Esposito P16, 19, 22, 25
Hillary Ferrazzi P19
Lee Ferguson Frechette '81, P16, 22
Sarah Gardella P21
Elise Gardner P17, 18, 21
Laryn Gardner P23
Kristen Giordano P22
Beth Giorgio P25
Trish Glass P14, 21
Victoria Gribbell P25
Jackie Hendrix P19, 21
Jennifer Houston P21, 24
Ann Jacoby P23
Maria Kelenchuk P27
Katie Kenney P23
Katherine Kranenburg P26
Katerina Liodakis P24
Judy Marth P24
Heather Mather P24, 26
Leah Morris '84, P23
Wendy Murphy P17, 18
Kimberly Nauen P19, 23
Abdelmegeed Passant P23
Alison Randall P22
Susan Rippert P17
Debjani Sahni P23, 27
Nadia Shamari P25
Betty Sheng P24
Cynthia Sibold P20
Debbie Siegel P25
Mary Lou Seidner P19, 20
Deirdre Smirl P23
Jessica Stanton P22
Megan Sullivan P21
Elizabeth Record Svedlund '90, P22
Joanna Sweeney P22, 25
Chrissy Teschke P23
Patricia Thames P20, 24
Muna Vitale P21, 24
Amy Warner P17, 20
Ari Williams '08
Jodi Wolf P24
Elizabeth Young P25
Lori Ann Young P21
Sarah Young P21

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  • Middle Eastern Studies

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  • Anna F. Quote

    "My favorite class at Dana Hall (so far!) has been Middle Eastern Studies. It covers interesting material that helps me to better understand current events, and provides me a unique perspective when so much of formal history education is focused on the West. The class has helped me break stereotypes, and I now view the world differently."