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Student Life

There's no better feeling than the sense of belonging, and girls find it easy to feel at home at Dana Hall.
Dana girls make deep connections across grades, backgrounds, cultures and interests. Through clubs, athletics, traditions, boarding life, community service, girls build new, enduring friendships. Classmates and roommates are sometimes from the same hometown, but they’re more likely to be from across the globe. That diversity is intentional. These friends – from Wellesley, New York, Cairo, Taipai and beyond – celebrate others’ achievements and help each other through hard times, too. Dana Hall is a school, but it is also a family.

Clubs? Activities? Check.

From the Robotic Club to Peer Education to Gospel Choir, Dana Hall offers clubs and organizations to meet every interest, providing opportunities to spark new friendships, organize and lead. Weekends often include community service activities, on-campus dances, movies, concerts and student performances, and faculty-chaperoned off-campus outings, from the local mall to Boston art museums and sporting events, to day trips to New York. Girls with their parents' permission can  take the train into Boston with another Dana student.

Yes, you will see boys.

Nearly every girl who applies to Dana wonders what it will feel like to go to a single-sex school. There are plenty of boys in the Dana world - acting in school plays, joining community service projects, competing on the co-ed swim team, cheering athletes on the field, and attending dances and movie nights.

A strong tradition of leadership.

Dana Hall's commitment to leadership is not just empty talk. Faculty and staff have taken the time to think about what it takes to run a strong leadership program: strong student leadership guidelines, clear expectation of student leaders, and ongoing training, coaching, support, feedback and evaluation. Opportunities for leadership are organic and ample. Just jump in!

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  • Testimonials - Pani

    "In my Literature and Composition II class, we were given the assignment of writing an editorial about anything of interest. I decided to base my editorial on the status of gender equality in Thailand. As an international student from Thailand, this topic sparked a particular interest for me. Through this assignment, I have realized my passion for women empowerment, not only in the United States but through an international perspective, too."
    - Pani