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Student Life

We celebrate students for who they are—and help them discover who they can be.

The Dana Hall community is proudly diverse and extremely inclusive. In class, in the studio, and on the sports field, students cheer each other on, lift each other up when they falter, and celebrate their bravery as well as their achievements. In our all-girls environment, students are more comfortable revealing their true selves, even if that means exploring unfamiliar terrain.

Buoyed by the encouragement of teachers and peers, students use their time outside the classroom to cultivate their passions and discover new ones. A girl who once shied away from attention auditions for the Middle School play. A talented soccer player translates her athleticism to the dance studio in her off-season. A student who once focused exclusively on her academics finds herself campaigning to become Class President. 

Whether you are a day student or boarder, and whether you travel 5 miles to campus or 5,000, student life at Dana Hall will broaden your interests, feed your passions, and expand your horizons.

Three students react when their Jenga tower topples

Concerts and clubs and community service—oh, my

From Robotics to Gospel Choir, we have dozens of clubs and organizations where boarding and day students alike can spark new friendships, hone their talents, and develop leadership skills. In addition to student groups, Dana Hall also offers community service activities; on-campus dances, movies, concerts, and student performances; and faculty-chaperoned off-campus weekend outings including excursions to Boston art museums and sporting events, and day trips to New York City. 

Clubs and Activities

Two students sitting on a bed in a dorm room.

Make Dana Hall home

Living and learning together with classmates from around the world, boarding students experience a unique form of independence that helps them grow in confidence, build life skills, and fully engage with the myriad opportunities available at Dana Hall—not to mention forge lasting bonds of sisterhood with their roommates, classmates, and friends. Wherever you come from, you can find a second home here.


Two Middle Schools student smile as they work together at a private all-girls day school.


Healthy = happy

Health and wellness programs are a cornerstone of our curriculum. We offer dynamic, relevant programs that instill healthy lifelong habits and equip students with the skills they need to negotiate the challenges they encounter.

Health and Wellness

Two students high-five and celebrate their success at an all-girls high school in Massachusetts.


Girls rule

Every young woman has the potential to be a leader who empowers and inspires others. Dana Hall cultivates those skills through a program focused on helping students grow as leaders by setting—and meeting—ambitious goals for themselves.