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Health and Wellness

Mind. Body. Community.

Throughout a student’s Middle School and Upper School years, Dana Hall works diligently, thoughtfully, and intentionally to cultivate a brave, open, and safe community that values the health and well-being of all.

Our celebrated Forum curriculum is the centerpiece of those efforts. Through regular meetings led by teachers, students learn how to build self-confidence and strong relationships by exploring core themes of community, communication, identity, and self-care. They embrace alternate viewpoints, lean into discomfort, and negotiate the “oops” and “ouch” moments that come with adolescence.

The Peer Education program here does not just scratch the surface of challenging conversations, but instead welcomes new ideas and perspectives, all the while fostering new friendships across grade levels.” EMILYPeer Educator

We evolve our Forum programming each year to reflect emerging developments around race, gender identity, and other societal factors that affect our school and our world.

Throughout the year, we also welcome guest speakers who address topics that range from how to become a good digital citizen to personal stories of recovery and resilience. Recent speakers have included Dr. Lisa Damour, an expert on adolescent girls’ development and the author of the bestseller Under Pressure, and Rosetta Lee, a highly respected diversity speaker and trainer. 

The physical health of our community is also a top priority. While participating in team sports isn’t a requirement at Dana Hall, we expect and encourage every student to be physically active. The breadth of activities and programs offered at our Shipley Center—from squash to rock climbing—helps ensure that students exercise their bodies as well as their minds. Recreational sports, which complement our robust athletics offerings, are woven into the fabric of student life, providing valuable lessons in teamwork, leadership, cooperation, and collaboration. 

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