Student Life


By design, Dana Hall is a community that encourages young women to find their personal strengths and passions. This is a place where it is easy for girls to get to know themselves and their unique skills and talents, particularly when it comes to leadership. In fact, that self-discovery is an intrinsic part of the school culture. 
Students are exposed to many every day opportunities for leadership:

  • Athletics: There's informal leadership on the fields or court, but also more formal leadership in the roles of team captains / managers. 
  • Class activities and traditions: Students step up as committee chairs or pitch in with event planning. 
  • Performing arts: There's a host of ways to shine, by creating choreography, on center stage, or in ensembles.
  • Clubs: Every girl can join one. Every girl can start one! 
  • Community service: Start a project! Or join one that already exists.
  • Dorms: Boarding students can initiate activities and liaison with adults and peers in Students Affairs. 
  • Classroom activities: The opportunities for academic success are limitless. 

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  • Leadership Positions

    Every year, leaders are elected or selected for the School’s major clubs and organizations. At the beginning of election season, students are encouraged to think about areas they have been particularly interested and involved in and consider if they would want to take on greater responsibility for that club or organization. 

    Particular positions, such as class presidents, student council members, club heads, dorm proctors, are set apart based on the amount of responsibility expected, as well as a significant time commitment required throughout the year.

    A hallmark of Dana leadership is that most positions are shared, such as co-heads or co-presidents. It's an exercise in teamwork, and it also helps to lighten the workload. And at Dana, don't forget that every leadership position is filled by a girl.
  • Leadership Workshops

    Five times a year, student leaders participate in Leadership Workshops, which provide ongoing training, coaching and support. The workshops focus on goal-setting, creating action plans, best practices, intentional leadership, developing a vocabulary for leadership and empowering student leaders to examine school issues.
  • She Sails conference

    In alternating years, Dana Hall hosts She Sails: Inspiring Dana Hall Women, a day-long conference on women and leadership. The goal of the event is to create connections among all constituencies, learn from one another, share stories and encourage one another to be bold and dream big. The entire Dana Hall community is invited: students, alumnae, faculty, staff and parents. The day includes speakers, panel discussions, activities and networking opportunities.
  • Middle School SAIL

    In Middle School, student government is called SAIL: Students Aspiring to Inspiring Leadership. Students self-nominate and present speeches to their grade, which elect SAIL representatives.   SAIL members report back to their grade after SAIL meetings and also take leadership roles at all-school events such as Thanksgiving Convocation, Step Sings, pep rallies, social events and community service projects.

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  • Dangerous Word Essay

    Favorite Assignment
  • Dorm Proctor

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  • Erisman Student Center

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  • Saraly

    "I have always been devoted to the dorm because it is such a special place, where girls from all around the world are living together, and are able to create long-lasting friendships. This proctor team is dedicated to ensuring that boarding life can be the best it can."