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Summer Equestrian Training Academy

The Dana Hall School Summer Equestrian Training Academy aims to produce the strongest and most knowledgeable community of riders. Our training focuses on horsemanship instead of showmanship, working to better connect riders with their horses.
We will conduct individually tailored lessons and detailed discussions on topics including horse care, riding theory, nutrition, course design, sports psychology, and equine biomechanics. Our training techniques help riders better understand what motivates their horses; our techniques also enable the horses to perform to the best of their abilities no matter their competitive discipline.  The goal is to teach the students to be the best horsewomen they can be, and in the process of doing that, produce very competitive riders and role models.

Advanced Hard Core Bootcamp

Advanced Hard Core Bootcamp is open to riders who are jumping over 3' consistently in their lessons.

Intermediate Boot Camp

Intermediate Training Academy is open to riders who compete at the 2'6" level and above

IEA Boot Camp

Open to riders interested in getting a jumpstart on the IEA season.  This session will include personalized, division-specific instruction with a focus on show presentation and addressing challenging rides efficiently.

Session dates, additional details and tuition for summer 2023 will be posted here in January 2023. 

KSEC Facilities

The dates for Summer 2023 are still pending. You will have the option to sign up online beginning in January 2023.