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Teacher Appreciation Day


Dana Hall Teacher Appreciation Day


Wednesday, March 4, 2020


You! This is your opportunity to honor your teachers and Dana Hall’s long tradition of exceptional educators. Who is that educator that made a lasting impression on your life?


Make a gift to the Dana Fund on or before March 4, which is Dana Hall’s Teacher Appreciation Day. You can make a gift in honor or memory of a specific teacher, or just support general teaching excellence. Help recognize the impact that all educators continue to make on the lives of Dana Hall’s students.

The Challenge:

Collectively alumnae, parents and past parents can send an even louder message of appreciation.
Thanks to the support of an anonymous donor, we can unlock an additional $15,000 for the Dana Fund. All gifts made between February 7 and March 4 will count towards the challenge.
  • First 25 gifts unlock $1,000
  • Gifts 26 - 50 unlocks an additional $2,000
  • Gifts 51 - 75 unlocks an additional $3,000
  • Gifts 76 - 100 unlocks an additional $4,000
  • Gifts 101 - 150 unlocks an additional $5,000

Spread the Word:

Use your social media accounts to tell your friends and family about your favorite teachers, and why you’re taking part in Dana Hall Teacher Appreciation Day. Share posts from @danahallschool, or write your own! Follow along on March 4 to track our progress.

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  • Saliba Courtyard

    Favorite Place
  • Senior-Sophomore

    Favorite Tradition
  • South Africa Trip

    Favorite Memory

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  • Vietta

    "Dana offers many great opportunities including a trip to South Africa every other year. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be visiting South Africa, let alone with some of my closest friends. The trip enabled us to interact with real South Africans as they experienced their real lives, an opportunity I could never have had as a tourist."