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The Roar

Voices and viewpoints from educators across Dana Hall School's campus.

Candid photo of four Dana Hall librarians
Liz Gray, Interim Library Director

One of the most satisfying aspects of being a librarian, particularly for a person who enjoys research, is the daily challenge of answering questions, problem solving, and helping people find what they need, whether it be information or resources or a lost iPhone.

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Ballet dancers lined up in the dance studio
Devon Fitchett, Performing Arts Department Head/Director of Dance

Most people see the new calendar year or the spring months as symbolic of a fresh start or some type of renewal. As an educator, I feel fortunate to have another opportunity to begin again each fall. The new school year affords me a chance to reflect on what has worked in my practice and tweak what hasn’t; to unlock new creative possibilities; to watch a new and unique Dana Hall community engage, learn, and grow together.

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Peer educators in training in a classroom
Margie Bailey, Assistant Director of Health & Wellness

Originally the goal of the Peer Education program was to prepare students to lead peer-to-peer discussions around topics such as body positivity, mental health, healthy friendships, and digital responsibility during the eight weeks they were scheduled to teach. While the main goal of the group continues, the student peer educators expressed they wanted to impact the Dana Hall community beyond just the classroom.

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Two students observe the small car they built in science class
Lauren Goldberg, Director of the Middle School

We rely on schools to keep our children safe and meaningfully occupied during the day, but it’s not just high-quality custodial care that makes a school like Dana Hall so valuable. A good school experience is one where every aspect of a child’s life is enhanced.

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Painted wall from ART FUN HOUSE gallery exhibit
Michael Frassinelli, Visual Arts Department Head

Art. Fun. House. These three words form the title of the current Dana Art Gallery show. They represent the ideals of creativity, pure joy, and community that the arts can provide and that we are in desperate need of in our daily lives right now.

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