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Engineering & Computer Science

The engineering and computer science curriculum offers a dynamic program of study that fosters interest and enthusiasm in technology. Through Dana Hall’s engineering and computer science courses, students are challenged to question how the technology around them works, explore computational programming in a variety of methods, and build problem-solving and critical-thinking skills as they explore the many facets of these disciplines.

Engineering & Computer Science

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  • Foundations in Computer Science

    This course is designed to build and nurture interest in technology and computer science in an effort to excite students about programming. Foundations in Computer Science surveys the foundational concepts of programming and logic that are the building blocks of computer science. During the year, students complete a variety of coding challenges that emphasize basic programming concepts such as variables, conditional statements, loops, and functions. Units include a variety of markup and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Processing, and Java. In addition to programming, the course also explores 3D modeling with industry software, 3D printing, and circuit design.
  • Introduction to Computer Science in Python

    This course is designed to provide a more in-depth study of computer science with a focus on writing algorithms, working on labs, and applying and continuously acquiring knowledge to solve diverse and unique problems in software design. Students develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills using Python. The course provides students with the opportunity to explore more advanced software programming topics as well as prepares them for the AP Computer Science A course.
  • Principles of Engineering

    This minor elective course is intended for students of all backgrounds who wish to explore the dynamic field of engineering through an innovative hands-on, interest-based curriculum. Engineering impacts and improves all aspects of our lives, and in this course, students are exposed to various disciplines in the field through guest speakers, videos, discussions, field trips, articles, and hands-on projects. The list of topics covered includes, among others, biomedical engineering, computer engineering, and environmental engineering.
  • SmART Tech

    This minor elective course takes advantage of the many exciting technologies that allow students to program the physical world around them. Students focus on hands-on projects that merge computer science programming with the design of physical objects. They utilize, for instance, Arduino micro-controllers and a variety of sensors, LED lights, circuitry, and robotic components to turn ordinary, everyday objects into technology enhanced “enchanted objects.” They create interactive art and music installations and projects, and they design, create, solder, program, sew, redesign, critique, display, and market projects of their own making, such as wearable pieces of clothing programmed to change colors to match the surroundings.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science A

    The AP Computer Science A course is a year-long, college-level course. It introduces the key concepts and techniques of object-oriented programming in Java. It is designed with the idea that programming should be fun, engaging, and intuitive. Students explore various programming topics by working through increasingly involved projects where they develop sound problem-solving approaches and come to understand the interrelation between and proper use of programming tools. The course prepares students for the AP Computer Science A exam in May, and students are required to take that exam.

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    MS Math/Computer Science Teacher and STEM Coordinator

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