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Fitness and athletics offerings are a vital part of a total education essential for a healthy mind and body. The Fitness/Athletics program is designed to meet the varying needs of students. Within the program are numerous opportunities for decision making, challenge, confidence building, and teamwork.
The program engenders an appreciation of one’s own talents, as well as the talents of others. Students are exposed to skills in a wide variety of team and individual sports, and they develop an appreciation of sports as players and spectators. Throughout the program, students learn the value of fair play and sportsmanship.

Fitness/Athletics Classes

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  • Interscholastic Sports

    Teams are selected by ability. The number of teams for each sport and the availability of a particular sport may vary in a given year.
    • Fall team offerings include Cross Country, Field Hockey, Soccer, and Volleyball.
    • Winter team offerings include Basketball, Fencing, Ice Hockey, Squash, and Swimming.
    • Spring team offerings include Equestrian, Lacrosse, Softball, and Tennis.
    The varsity level requires an advanced level of play. Students should start the season in proper physical condition, have the appropriate fundamental skills, and know basic strategies and all rules. Dana Hall’s goal at this level is to field the strongest, most competitive team. Players may not play in every game at this level. Varsity sports provide an opportunity for players to participate at a collegiate level after graduating from Dana Hall.
    The junior varsity level stresses learning and refining fundamental skills, game strategies, game knowledge, and rules. The junior varsity teams are a building block for the varsity teams. Participation is the hallmark of the junior varsity level; it is anticipated that all team members will play in every game.
  • Team Manager

    Students in grades 9-12 may fulfill their Fitness/Athletics requirement by participating as a team manager. Team managers attend all home and away games. At these games, they keep track of the scoring, timing, and statistics, and they are responsible for all equipment and supplies. Managers are expected to attend all game-day events and tournaments. Managers are considered part of the team and therefore are held to the same attendance and grading policies as the players.
  • Daytime Fitness

    Students are introduced to all aspects of fitness, including cardiovascular fitness, nutrition, weight training, and stretching exercises. Circuit training, target heart rate, and individual programs are emphasized. The goal is for each student to learn lifelong fitness skills. This course is offered during the academic day.
  • Afternoon Fitness

    In this course, students may choose to participate in a variety of cardiovascular or sports-related activities. Options may include circuit training, walking/jogging, weight training, strength and conditioning, rock climbing, and yoga.
  • Independent Study in Athletics

    Students may satisfy their Fitness/Athletics requirement if they are continuing their participation in a competitive, athletic activity outside Dana Hall. Students may not submit a proposal to start an activity that is new to them. Participation on a town, club, regional, or state team is approved as an exemption only in the case of a sport not offered at Dana Hall. Students must be active participants in their activity for at least ten hours per week and receive approval from a committee chaired by the Director of Athletics, Health, and Wellness in order to qualify for Independent Athlete status.
    Students who wish to participate in the Independent Athlete program must submit a formal, written proposal that includes the number of hours and days of training, details of past accomplishments, and contact information for their coach. Proposals must be submitted each trimester that a student is requesting Independent Athlete status, even in the case of participation in the Independent Athlete program the previous trimester. Independent Athletes must keep a detailed journal to be turned in at the end of the trimester.
  • Riding Lessons

    The Karen Stives ’68 Equestrian Center offers a program designed for all levels of riding from beginning to advanced horsemanship. Particular emphasis is on hunt-seat equitation. Classes are grouped according to ability and experience; progression to more advanced levels is based on individual achievement. The development of confidence is especially stressed at the beginning level with a strong emphasis placed on safety and control. Stable management and horse care are considered integral parts of the rider’s education. A fee is charged for this program. In order to earn Fitness/Athletics credit, a student must take two lessons per week and attend a lecture series.
  • Alternative Courses in the Performing Arts Department for Fitness/Athletics Credit

    Dana Hall is committed to providing opportunities for students to engage in both athletics and dramatic productions during their years at the School. Students are best served if their commitment to both athletics and dramatic productions are appropriate and reasonable within the larger context of their academic program and other extra-curricular activities. Students on a varsity team may not participate in the Fall Play or Spring Musical/Dance.
  • Fall Play

    (See Performing Arts course offerings.)
  • Spring Musical/Dance

     (See Performing Arts course offerings.)
  • Dance

    A variety of dance courses may be taken for Fitness/Athletics credit through the Performing Arts Department. (See Performing Arts course offerings.)
  • Afternoon Community Service Program for Fitness/Athletics Credit

    Students may participate in the Afternoon Community Service Program in lieu of one trimester of Fitness/Athletics. The Afternoon Community Service Program takes place on Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 2:15 to 5:45 p.m. As a group, students work together with a faculty member at a predetermined local service agency. Students may only participate in the Afternoon Community Service Program once per academic year, and sophomores participating in the Afternoon Community Service Program may not count these hours towards completion of the community service graduation requirement.

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    Rebecca  Kimball 

    Director of Athletics, Health and Wellness
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    Associate Director of Athletics
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    Asst. Director of Health and Wellness
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    Athletic Trainer
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    MS Science Teacher/Athletic Trainer
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    US Science Teacher
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    Fitness Instructor
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